Add-on statusesΒΆ

One can check add-on status in the modal-properties or page-dashboard.

Every Add-on uploaded to AMO has a status which is one of the following:

  • STATUS_NULL - Incomplete
  • STATUS_UNREVIEWED - (default) - Awaiting Preliminary Review
  • STATUS_PENDING - Pending approval
  • STATUS_NOMINATED - Awaiting Full Review
  • STATUS_PUBLIC - Fully Reviewed
  • STATUS_DISABLED - Disabled by Mozilla
  • STATUS_LISTED - Listed
  • STATUS_BETA - Beta
  • STATUS_LITE - Preliminarily Reviewed
  • STATUS_LITE_AND_NOMINATED - Preliminarily Reviewed and Awaiting Full Review
  • STATUS_PURGATORY - Pending a review choice

The AMOStatus needs to be stored (and updated) within PackageRevision.


Updating PackageRevision status should be done by AMO on every status change. AMO should save the and with the uploaded Add-on version

Builder adds another statuses:

  • STATUS_UPLOAD_SCHEDULED - Upload scheduled
  • STATUS_UPLOAD_FAILED - Upload failed

If upload finished with success the default AMOStatus will be used.