Vendor is a submodule. It contains all 3rd party libraries needed to run the FlightDeck on the server (i.e. Django).

One can change it’s content. To do so please clone it’s repository located at into a separate project.

There is a nice tool called vending machine which helps with management:

pip install -e git://

From the help:

usage: vend [-h] [-d DIR] {add,update,uninstall,sync,freeze} ...

positional arguments:
    sync                sync requirements file with vendor
    freeze              freeze requirements for the vendor repo
    update              update a package or submodule
    uninstall           uninstall a package or submodule
    add                 add a package or submodule

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     path to the vendor directory

However, because vendor is a submodule, vending-machine should not be used in it’s default behavior. Instead, FlightDeck-lib should be checked out from `it’s repository`_ to a separate folder, and you should set the -d argument of vend:

vend -d ./FlightDeck-lib add elasticutils