Syncing Packages


Package has a field amo_id which used to store id of the related Package on the AMO. During the synchronization process program_id is updated, so all generated XPI are properly identified by AMO.

For validation purposes PackageRevision has the fields amo_status and amo_version_name.


All of these scenarios are run by the author of the add-on and on the edit_package-page.

Create new add-on

Package created in the Builder can be exported to AMO. This action involves creating a new Addon on the AMO, uploading all necessary meta data and a XPI build on the Builder.

Update an existing add-on

If a Package is already synchronized, new version might be uploaded to AMO. This requires version name to be changed.

Synchronizing an add-on existing on AMO


This features is under development

It might happen, that a user will move add-on development to the Builder. To upload a new version of the add-on one needs to link an AMO add-on with the Builder one.

User has an ability to display a list of his add-ons on AMO and choose which one should be linked to the currently displayed add-on.

Attributes jetpack.models.Package.amo_id and jetpack.models.Package.jid are saved in the separate view. If this was called as a part of uploading an add-on scenario, after the response is received Update an existing add-on is called.